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    Air Supply is a main provider of industrial gases that support welding and cutting processes.Our service goes beyond providing high-quality products. We are an overall solutions provider, we work with you to reduce manufacturing costs, increase productivity and improve quality.

      Gases related to the industry:

    •   Argon (Ar)

      Used to create an inert gas shield, argon is often blended with other industrial gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen to enhance arc stability and improve the characteristics of gas metal arc welding.

    •   Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

      Carbon dioxide is most often mixed with argon as a shielding gas used to prevent atmospheric contamination of molten metal in gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process.

    •   Oxygen (O2)

      Oxygen is used as a plasma cutting gas, an assist gas for laser cutting, and is sometimes added in small quantities to shielding gases for both carbon and stainless steel welding.

    •   Helium (He)

      An inert industrial gas with high thermal conductivity, helium shields the molten weld pool and prevents oxidation when increased heat input is desired during the welding of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, copper and some magnesium alloys.

    •   Nitrogen (N2)

      Nitrogen can be used as an assist gas for laser or plasma cutting and as a component of shielding gas for some stainless steel welding applications.

    •   Hydrogen (H2)

      Hydrogen is the lightest of all the gases. Used to enhance plasma welding and cutting operations, it is commonly mixed with argon for welding stainless steel because of its oxide reducing characteristics.

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